Why Reading?

Early exposure to language is the greatest factor in language development and learning to read. By reading together every day, you stimulate and strengthen your child's language and literacy skills. It is that simple. By reading and talking with your child each day, you bond with them and model the love of reading, which will benefit them in school and throughout life.

Neuroscience provides compelling evidence that 85 - 90 percent of brain growth occurs in the first five years of life. This affects not only cognitive skills but also emotional development.

Fostering your child’s cognitive development is just as important as nurturing his or her emotional and physical development. Cognitive development includes language skills, information processing, reasoning, intelligence, and memory.

The best way an adult can help a child’s cognitive development is to read with them every day, beginning at birth. When children are young, they learn language from the speech they hear. By reading with a child, you introduce many more words than those used in day-to-day communication.

Take the Read 20 Minutes Pledge!

Our message is simple but its effect is powerful. Read Together 20 Minutes Every Day™.

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